Currently, the STD rates in Long Beach are among the highest in the State of California.



highest in California

Long Beach currently has the 2nd highest rate of chlamydia cases in California. Over the past four years, rates have increased by 88%.

In 2017, the total rate for females was almost double that of males.  The rates are highest among those age 15-29.

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Gonorrhea rates in Long Beach have more than doubled in the past four years, giving Long Beach the second highest rate in California.


Rates are highest among those aged 20-29 years. The total rates for males are more than double the rates for females.


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Between 2013-2017 alone, Gonorrhea rates have increased 


                    highest rate of total early syphilis 


Unfortunately, syphilis is making a comeback. Long Beach currently has the third highest rate of total early syphilis in California.

Men have much higher rates than women. Rates are the highest among men aged 25-34 years and women aged 20-24 years.

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                    HIV cases reported in 2017 


In 2017, there were a total of 37 recorded deaths due to AIDS. 92% of persons newly diagnosed with HIV were male. Rates are highest among African Americans.


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